Sunday, 17 June 2018

Stats For Round 2

community lots-7
sim multiplier-2

total population=46

careers unlocked

Saturday, 24 March 2018

2.4 The Money Man

Hello today it's joe carrs turn!

Oh and the next update will have maxis match skintones as i've'll look different and i'm still adjusting to it.

 When i loaded up his house he had the wish to get engaged to melissa! this will happen but in a few rounds time since every house needs an heir so they'll marry and move to joe's house when Isaac is a teen.

 romantic montage!
i forgot why he called brandi.

 hmm do i allow this to happen? yes yes i do.because i could get another wife which will increase the population again!
his first night is spent digging while the women watch him.

 that is uncomfortable...
 yay money!!!!
 his new house
 i feel so sorry for him;he still wants to marry melissa but he'll have to wait forever.
yay friendships!

 for now he's got a new mistress.
 you know what i'm trying to achieve here don't you?
 "move in please"
"omagawd! i'll move in!"


 more money means...
 he's the first to complete his lifetime want!
 oh he's got a new store this is the interior.
 the outside.
 of course an evil witch came meaning roaches...anyone know a mod which stops the witches coming to community lots?

 2 more move into town..
 you know what happened didn't you?

 he is so shocked that his eyes disappeared.

 how will he support his little alien baby now?

 little samuel is born,he's the 3rd alien baby and 6th baby born.
 he contemplates his life
and eww changing babies.

next update will be the stats so far i think.

tatty bye!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

2.3 An Fancey Lady

this time it's melissa fancey's household you remember her as one of the townies that moved out of the wilson house right?


 wow a  lot happened already;Melissa had her period,used a tampon(period hack) brought joe home and got promoted.
 luckily she's straight otherwise joe's love would be unneeded
 "i want to become friends with you joe but i also want ITEMS I NEED TO SURVIVE!"
 oh aspiration points
 "don't touch me skank"
"skank?! aqnd why do you say that? D:"
"your a romance sim"
 "your back feels brittle"
 judging by the fact she earned gaming enthusiasm i'm guessing shes just playing with joe as a game.
 a classic scene! how romantic!
he left flowers which were instantly deleted...they're dirt poor.

 at least she has a bed.
 i hate enthusiasm chance cards.
 her lovely garden
and i think she's woohooing joe? not sure.

 her entire "house"...i'm jealous
 introducing...the love shack! or just melissas home.
a view showing (most) of her home

 i wonder how it feels? probably like being tasered.
 i cn't remember why i took this...
 oh look! it's goopy or as i call him goop goop
aww he's scared to come in :D

 she's got 3 bolts with him! and look at melissa's age bar! her biological clock is tic tic tic ticking...
 "haha i have a house and you don't"

 this was well needed.
well look the two romance sims are preparing to breed i'd think...

 voila! and oh no she doesn't want to get engaged to joe! who else was surprised no? me too!
 a full view of the house
 "mmm your breath stinks"
 i think she was trying for baby again.
"i didn't want this!"
well more population combined with more community lots means that i'll get closer to completing this challenge,so everyone will have kids eventually in this town.
 painting for god knows what...
meh i can't relate just give birth

 and then little Issac fancey was born
 he looks a bit like georg lind from mattsmyra (the best prosperity i've read)
brandi:hey it's me! the woman who brought you into the town?
melissa:don't be a bitch

 then they had a risky baby!
 "jump,for my love!"
"i'll read instead"
 "you gave me an unwanted baby so come live in the town so i have someone else to care for it"
"move in now"

tatty bye! next it's joe carr's house and melissa and joe will marry in the future too! :D